Grace Notes

(Working Title)



Grace Scannelli, a Jamaican woman, discovers that her husband, John, may have a deep secret when he lies about picking up a hitchhiker.


• This is a story about a marriage in acute trauma. It’s a story about the impossibility of really knowing the person you love.


• It takes place in New York, 1999.  The story spans a year, the four seasons in a continuous narrative.


• The story is uniquely from the wife's point of view.



Main Characters


Grace Scannelli, 45, is a black, Jamaican woman, Associate Director of financial aid at a university in New York City


John Scannelli, 35, is a man of Italian descent who grew up in Ohio.  He’s Director of Media Relations and Corporate Affairs for a credit card company in New York.


Terrence Yee Fat is a Chinese Jamaican man, about 44, John’s close college friend, a meticulous accountant who rents the downstairs apartment of their brownstone.


Mika Takami, a fit, slight Japanese woman, 49.  She is a designer of sexy women’s underwear for a catalog, and dresses and acts younger than is age-appropriate. 


Sheila T. Robinson, 45, is Grace’s best friend, Head of Human Resources for a television station. She is a very attractive, strong black woman Grace met when they both struggled with an undergraduate statistics class their freshman year.


Keith Campbell, Grace’s first husband who was fired from his diplomatic position at the UN in New York for drunkenness, and was deported to Jamaica